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About Us:

Elite4Wheeling was developed by Ernest and Jennifer Teague who recognized very soon after moving to the Western U.S. that there were limited resources to the off-roading community to allow individuals to grow in their education as they learn to explore the true scenic beauty of the outdoors and its diverse wildlife, topography, scenery and seasons via a breathtaking off-roading experience!

In being an avid adventure enthusiast for the majority of Ernest’s entire life, Elite4Wheeling was developed utilizing the top tier industry manufacturers' curriculum and guidance. This allows consistent technics to be taught that support the safest off-roading techniques possible. Our GOAL is to provide 4Wheeling enthusiasts a community atmosphere that allows you too truly and understand your vehicle platform and how to SAFELY and PROPERLY apply it in all off-roading conditions with a focus on safe off-roading practices.

A few of our passions include guided trail runs, situational problem solving, basic recovery, winching techniques, etc. We participate and at times setup year round off-roading adventures that include trips on county roads, easily rated trails, high elevation passes (when open), rock crawling and overlanding.

In the support of giving our community the best experience possible we focus on three main areas that are our key mantras. First is the safety of our participants, we plan out all of the details related to anyone one of our service offerings to ensure that our attendees are very comfortable with the safety parameters associated with our culture. Secondly is the quality of our participant's experiences. Elite4Wheeling has a commitment to going above and beyond to ensure that our attendees not only leave having a wonderful experience but that they want to continue to participate in the Elite4Wheeling Community  Third is to ensure that we provide an atmosphere that makes each individual feel as if they are a part of the Elite4Wheeling family.

Ernest provides instruction experience in off-roading everything from easy county roads to very intense extreme off-roading experiences to include overlanding, rock crawling, traversing bogs, mud pits and snow adventures. In addition our industrial training addresses vehicles and equipment greater than 26,001LB’s.

Elite4Wheeling is a family minded community that embrace's the true spirit of off-roading enjoyment. We offer a wide range of activities and amenities that you will be sure to enjoy during your time with us! We welcome questions; please feel free to email us at elite4wheeling@gmail.com.
Customer Experiences:

We offer year round off-roading adventures that include trips on county roads, easily rated trails, high elevation passes (when open), rock crawling and overlanding. We host events across the country to include the ability to access our services. In addition our typical accommodations will be either camping or utilizing a hotel. All lodging expenses are to be paid by the customer. Elite4Wheeling will assist in coordinating your accommodations.

- Travel accommodations from and to the Denver airport to local hotel
- Coordination of local hotel arrangements for length of stay duration
- Campfires, marshmallow roasts, cookouts and holiday celebrations
- Day training, multiple day training and weeklong long training are options
- Availability of numerous off-road training modules to enhance abilities
- Experiencing the “The Old West” in trailing historical trails that Pioneer’s used
- Training outside of Colorado (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming)

 As you can see from our diverse selection of offerings we cater to our customer’s needs. If you have something in mind that is not mentioned in our service offerings please call to discuss what you are thinking. Anything is possible!!!


Owners: Ernest Teague and Jennifer Teague

Purpose of our Mission: Bring a more enjoyable outdoors experience through the use of applied/proven training techniques

Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

General Information: Activity Duration: 6 to 10 hours

Dates Closed: Never but weather dependent

Hours of Operation: Daily, sun up to sun down

Terrain Description: Mountain roads & trails, creek crossings, high pass traversing, rocky, sandy and snow.

Group Training: Maximum Group Number - 20

Individual Training: One on one with a industry expert